Apptituda and Accounting Seed – in partnership to help you Transform Your Business

As a Partner of Accounting Seed,
Apptituda will help you set-up and get the very best from this market leading solution.

It’s Transformative

We all wish to run our business more strategically and proactively? Accounting Seed can help you do this. It’s an innovative, robust and best of breed financial software solution that enables you to transform how you do accounting.

It’s flexiblecollaborativeconnected, and trusted.

It’s Flexible

Your business is complex and unique. Accounting Seed works with your business processes, not against them. Apptituda implements, configures and customises Accounting Seed, so it tightly meets your requirements, workflows and business rules.

It’s Collaborative

Accounting Seed empowers better decisions, as it increases data visibility for all stakeholders. It enables a 360-degree view of your finances that eliminates uncertainties and errors, helping you to confidently and expertly guide your business to new heights.

It’s Connected

Apptituda is a Salesforce Product Development Consulting Partner and can help you link Accounting Seed to your mission-critical business applications. This eliminates silos and gives you end-to-end visibility of your critical data enabling you and your team to make better decisions. You can connect your data so you have a detailed understanding from lead generation to revenue growth.

It’s Trusted

Accounting Seed is exclusive to Salesforce and backed by the strength of the Salesforce platform. It offers the most secure, reliable API in the industry and is the highest rated accounting solution on Salesforce’s Global AppExchange.

You can trust Apptituda to help you get the best out of Accounting Seed, so your business fully benefits.

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We can help you to transform the way you do accounting. Please contact us so we can listen to your requirements and help you to understand how Apptituda working with Accounting Seed can help.

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