Accounting Features

With Accounting Seed from Apptituda, you can modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business.  Users can expect an easy-to-use, financial management platform right out of the box.

Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time moving your business forward using Accounting Seed's automated processes. You and your team can create and manage a cloud-based accounting system to your business model with ease.

Billing Automation

With Accounting Seed from Apptituda, you can jump right from an opportunity to deliver an invoice, kick off a project, or establish a recurring billing plan. Subscription billing or recurring billing are both easy to manage.

Paying Vendors

With Accounting Seed from Apptituda, you can manage your credit cards, accounts payable, and purchasing with the click of a button.

Every business has different purchasing requirements and Accounting Seed makes the management simple. Easily configure your purchasing process.  Create your own email templates, PDF purchasing forms, and more.

General Ledger

With Accounting Seed from Apptituda, you'll have the ideal general ledger accounting foundation for a truly analytical and intuitive financial management system.

Easily manage user configuration using Accounting Seed's intuitive interface – without expensive coding or customisations with its with its click, no-code general ledger configuration.

Financial Dashboards and Reports

Deliver fast, real-time insights into the organisation.

Our users can easily get tailored, real-time data and complete visibility of their business results with Accounting Seed’s dynamic dashboards and financial reports features.

Inventory Order Management

Control inventory and ordering, along with your accounting, all on one application.

Use capital more efficiently.  Accounting Seed brings you a consolidated sales order process that’s totally streamlined, saving you time and money.

Project Accounting

Tracking customer engagements and events has never been easier.

Close a deal, press a button, and your project is ready to go.  Track and manage the lifecycle of your project so you can ensure no project gets out of hand and that you remain safely within the budget

Configuration and Customisation

Accounting Seed's countless configuration and customisation options allow the platform to grow with you.

When it comes to customisation, its flexibility is unmatched. Accounting Seed will work with your unique business processes to ensure a complete 360-degree view of your entire business.

Salesforce Connections

Automate, collaborate and integrate, as Accounting Seed’s innovative software is native to Salesforce and can connect with several predefined integration points.

It can also run as a standalone product.

Frequent New Releases

With Accounting Seed from Apptituda, you'll receive new product releases throughout the year jampacked with the most up to date, tech-driven, features in accounting, financial management, and reporting.