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Salesforce is a major player in Platform as a Service, and in my opinion is the best PaaS suited to the world’s leading App marketplace, AppExchange … why?  Well I am going to try to provide some insight into that here – it’s really high level so should be easy to absorb.

Warning: this article isn’t for the Salesforce convert.

So, for those who have not yet embraced the Salesforce ecosystem you probably won’t know much about App Cloud and its capabilities. Sure, its from the company called Salesforce… you know, that web based CRM cloud application. True, but that’s really old news these days, they are no longer just Salesforce CRM they have a whole App ecosystem and App developers publish their wares on the AppExchange.

Ignoring the incredible journey and detail to get to where the platform is today App Cloud is the framework that Salesforce used to build Sales Cloud or as you might know it Salesforce CRM. It’s their framework, their architecture and they run, manage, scale and provide the tools required to build awesome business applications very quickly!  From simple data collection Apps right through to complex powerful business Apps driving the whole Enterprise – on desktop, tablet, mobile – the lot!

One thing that always amazes our customers when we ask them to join us on the App Cloud journey is who is using the platform to power their business? It’s like a game of who’s who – most of the world’s top enterprise businesses have joined the ecosystem and are benefitting from the immense power and capability in the platform. That doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t fit for SME, because it does. You can leverage as much or as little of the platform as you need, want or like.  Full flexibility is built right in.

You might want to build an App for AppExchange that sits privately inside of your business and is only used by your users. You might want to build a business App that empowers others, enhancing the Salesforce experience for any one of the verticals now using Salesforce – this is the ISV Partner route and something that Apptituda helps customers with. You might even want to build an App that looks nothing like Salesforce, doesn’t co-exist with the Sales (or any other) Cloud product and sits completely independently, but uses the underlying system and its RAD development capabilities – the point is the App Cloud gives you the choice.

Straight away you can throw away having to think about infrastructure, capacity planning, scalability, delivering a separate mobile solution … the list goes one. You can jump right in and prototype, build and launch an App quickly, globally and on any device. Its a REAL paradigm shift for those coming from a traditional, bare metal, soup-to-nuts approach to App delivery.

Does it make sense to use App Cloud to build your next killer App and publish it on the AppExchange, or indeed to provide access to the functionality that you have sitting on your existing Apps public API? – yes, that’s possible too and we regularly help customers in this situation.  And if you really fit depends.

As I mentioned earlier you can do “almost anything” but not everything make sense.  Here are some great news if you have made it this far into this article and you want to explore this further …. we at Apptituda can provide a no obligation exploratory call to see if you fit.  Apptituda provides go-to market and App development services – we are a fully signed up Salesforce Product Development Partner.  That means we are a trusted by Salesforce to take you through the ISV Partner process from start to finish, which includes getting you to the point where your app is for sales on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Tim Hall-Woodcock is CTO of Apptituda, a Product Development Partner of Salesforce and a Global Partner of Sage Live.  Apptituda works with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to design, build and take to market game changing apps.

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