I spend a lot of my time talking to customers who are becoming really worried about keeping up with the accelerating pace of change. Interestingly, many of them are already regarded in the marketplace as disruptive providers of cloud and mobile services.

Change and ‘The Fast Food BizApp’

Of course, the pace of change in IT services has always continued relentlessly – the IT industry has evolved, matured and already reinvented itself a number of times in our lifetimes and it is an exciting and unpredictable journey.  The difficulties now being faced are challenging all software providers – who are facing demands from mass business app consumerism – a download and deprecate mentality. Traditional software architecture, development, production, marketing and long term apps support are being rejected in favour of the The Fast Food BizApp.

Whether to ignore, resist, or combat this trend is a major consideration. Acknowledging the issue is an obvious but vital first step, then quick and focused action is critical. Applying Agile development techniques to business strategic decisions is a tough ask – but that might be the best way to approach it.

Role of the Game Changer

Game changers will need to be prepared to park or unwind long-term plans and probably delay or dilute the expected return on investments and instead use experience, brand and market awareness to re-skill, cloudify and genuinely innovate. They are likely to have to re-platform (maybe more than once), use new technologies, migrate and provide quick and seamless migration paths to new, responsive and ahead of demand interoperable and (goes without saying) fully mobile Apps.  All of this, must absolutely happen without compromising on quality – just to keep in the game.

Their competitors aren’t the big or medium SIs, they aren’t small or niche product suppliers – they are probably pre-SMEs without overheads, with a handful of staff, without a track record, without any existing products – but who do have a web and social media presence and who don’t know or care how crazy that sounds.

Creative Software Developers Hold Your Nerve

For the creative software developers who hold their nerve and embrace the changes – these are exciting and rewarding times – but for those more worried about sustaining traditional revenue streams, using traditional methods – the winds of change are likely to be harsh and cause long-term damage.

About the Blogger

Stuart Mills is CEO of Apptituda www.apptituda.com, a Product Development Partner of Salesforce and a Global Partner of Sage Live.  Apptituda works with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to design, build and take to market game changing apps.

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