Forecastmanager – Great News for Sales

Forecastmanager, the new app from Sales to Success is great news for businesses who are wishing to improve their sales and it is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Forecastmanager leads to:

  • better qualification;
  • improved pipeline management;
  • accurate sales forecasts.

It gives a reality check for every sales opportunity, leading to higher close rates and reflects the DNA of a winnable sales opportunity.

The App enables companies using Salesforce, to more effectively Qualify, Commit and Close sales opportunities.

The Sales to Success Vision
Sales to Success

Forecastmanager realises a long term vision of Julian Clay, the founder of Sales to Success.

Julian is an expert in understanding and helping solve the key sales challenges faced by companies. He has huge knowledge of:

  • how new customers are won;
  • how they are developed and;
  • how continual sales growth is achieved.

This has been leveraged in the Forecastmanager App which is fully native to and integrated with Sales Cloud.


Apptituda Partnership

This is one of Apptituda’s full project lifecycle Application developments i.e. working with the Sales to Success team, we have taken the concept from initial workshop and requirements through implementation and Salesforce reviews to Salesforce App listing. We also helped with strategic placing, messaging and we are really excited about the Forecastmanager potential, which is the first in a suite of sales enablement Apps. As Sales to Success’ product development partner, key tasks included:

  • Go-to-Market (business case, Salesforce relationships, USPs, go-to-market plans);
  • Analysis, Design and build of the App, including UX/UI design;
  • Development of the hybrid Classic/Lightning look and feel;
  • Salesforce Technical and Security Reviews;
  • AppExchange Listing including graphics and branding;
  • On-going, in-market App support.

Julian Clay said:

The Apptituda team have been great. From our first meeting through every engagement, they have worked hard and with real conviction. They have guided me successfully through every stage of the journey. The quality of their go-to-market advice, software development and the ease at which we were able to achieve Security Review success, to Forecastmanager being listed on the Salesforce AppExchange and ready for sale has been excellent. I asked for their help in taking the App to market and I’ve asked them to provide support for the app going forward. I thoroughly recommend working with Stuart and the Apptituda team.


The App is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange: Forecastmanager


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