How we do it

Our customers are new and existing Salesforce partners who are looking to develop new Apps and Services or, migrate their existing Apps to the platform.

We operate a transparent and proven operating model

We source high quality certified developers, architects and consultants from our offshore delivery centres and deploy them in a flexible, blended delivery service.

We manage the sourcing, contracts and logistics and customer engagement through our front-end European delivery managers and deliver professional services supply, staff augmentation, fixed or T&M projects and support and maintenance from our global shared support service.

Technical skills technical skills such as Apex and Visual Force developers are a premium resource and with worldwide demand rising at an exponential rate, demand is outstripping supply. Businesses are seeking a reliable service and are puzzled and frustrated when IT services suppliers cannot meet even reasonable demands.

Better value

We help ISVs ensure that end users get even better value from their Salesforce investment and from their Salesforce apps, so they can accelerate benefits realisation, plan for the future and focus on core business.

Through our established Indian offshore operation, we source only certified and experienced technical consultants who typically operate remotely for optimum value, but who can be brought onshore, if appropriate.

Quality resources

We ensure that good quality resources are deployed via our managed resource service with structured staff management, backfill, skills enhancement and rotation framework all designed to sustain high consultant retention levels.

Local touchpoints

Our blended delivery model integrates offshore consultancy and UK and European delivery management with local touchpoints where needed, typically for business analysis, project management, sales strategy and customer engagement.

High quality delivery

Our experienced management team will ensure high quality delivery and high quality customer satisfaction through the entire engagement.

Specialist consultants

Using our go-to-market specialist consultants, we recommend effective go to market, sales, marketing and partnering best practices and help to ensure the value of your investment is realised and time to revenue is reduced.