By implementing Sage Financials, we'll help you become a better business

Apptituda is a Value Added Re-seller (VAR) of Sage Business Cloud Financials, the revolutionary cloud based accounting package built on the Salesforce platform. We're currently working with many organisations to help them move their accounting, inventory and other business processes to the cloud.

"Apptituda can help you manage your accounting and inventory more effectively"

The major benefits are greater efficiency and effectiveness.  We can also help you streamline by providing integrated Apps which can quickly provide a cost effective, digital solution for all of your business functions and processes.  To put it another way; we can help you change your business, so you are in a position to move ahead of your competitors.

Define your Cloud App Road-map

We're ideally placed to help you make the most of the opportunity that Sage Business Cloud Financials and Salesforce gives you. 

We'll help you define your road-map.

Apptituda is a Salesforce Consulting and Product Development Partner, Sage Live Implementation and Integration Partner and
Sage Business Cloud Financials Value Added Re-seller. 

We can ensure you get the best out of Salesforce, Sage Business Cloud Financials and the Salesforce App Exchange.

This combination, provides you with a unique opportunity to digitise your business and to put you ahead of the game.

Move Your Accounts (and more) to the Cloud

Sage Business Cloud Financials is a revolutionary cloud accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform. You can manage multiple locations, languages, business units, and currencies from anywhere, as well a create custom reports and gain valuable predictive insights on your business.

What's more, you can quickly integrate with other apps from the Salesforce App Exchange so you can run your entire business, beyond Accounting.

Your entire business - right in the palm of your hand


What Business Cloud Sage Financials can do for you...


tick  A single view of your business

Access all of your key data in one place. Natively integrated with your Salesforce Sales Cloud. Get a 360º view of your business.

tick  Real-time decision making

Receive live news feeds and notifications. Drill down to the level of information you need. No data syncing needed.

tick  Multi-dimensional general ledger

Track your financial performance the way you want from multiple perspectives such as territory, team, and project.

tick  A new way of working

Share and receive business information with your team from any device. Send or receive spend requests using approval posts.

tick  Personalise to suit your business

Customise reports and scoreboards to track key performance indicators and define workflows that fit your organisation.

tick  Global accounting

Benefit from a multilingual solution that meets your country’s requirements. Create a consolidated view of your global business.


Sage Business Cloud Financials helps you to manage your accounting and your business more efficiently

Sage Business Cloud Financials is a revolutionary cloud accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform. You can manage multiple locations, languages, business units, and currencies from anywhere. Create custom reports and gain valuable predictive insights on your business, and easily integrate with other apps to run your entire business, beyond Accounting.

In real-time

Sage LiveAnalyse up-to-date client data, metrics and KPIs at-a-glance through real-time scoreboards.
Use multi-dimensions to track your performance the way you want.

Be efficient

Replace a mix of disconnected resources, desktop software and single-function business apps with an Sage Liveeasy-to-use integrated solution built for your business.



Sage Live

Improve collaboration, get better commitments from everyone and speed up decision making in your company by leveraging Chatter posting and real-time news feeds.



Real-time cloud accounting brought to you by Sage and Salesforce

Sage Business Cloud Financials connects your CRM, accounting, and operational data in one real-time hub. It is ideal for businesses of 10-200 employees, and it gives you the best-in-class accounting tools, enabling easier and faster collaboration, automation of repetitive tasks, and more effective use of your data to help you grow your business.

Core Accounting

sage-live-tour-screenshot-core-accountingA one-office cloud accounting solution for your business in the palm of your hand.

  • Multi-dimensional general ledger
  • Bank feed reconciliation
  • Multi-currency
  • Journal entries for all transactions
  • Mobile approvals and invoicing
  • Flexible chart of accounts
  • Multi-company

Real-time financial dashboards

Sage Business Cloud Financials gives you visualised comparisons of your business performance over time, allowing you to focus on what works, see highlighted priority accounts, and spot opportunities on the horizon.sage-live-tour-screenshot-real-time-financial-dashboards

  • KPIs, client data, and financial metrics at a glance
  • Customised cash flow reports
  • Multi-company scoreboards
  • Balance sheet
  • Custom journals
  • Expense tracking
  • Vendor and supplier reports
  • Customer Statements
  • Profit and loss
  • Aged creditors
  • Aged debtors
  • Trial balance

Automated feeds

Discover touchless accounting: Reduce paperwork and manual data entry by automating repetitive tasks and processes.

  • Automate cheque writingsage-live-tour-screenshot-automated-feeds
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Automatic financial reports
  • Automate invoices, payments, and receipts
  • Real-time API data feeds
  • Real-time Chatter newsfeeds and notifications
  • Bank feeds via Yodlee
  • Import PayPal feeds
  • Sage Pay and Sage Payment Solutions

Accept payments

Get multiple options for receiving and managing your payments, in one secure easy-to-use clousage-live-tour-screenshot-accept-paymentsd hub.

  • Purchase Invoicing via Journals
  • Online Vendor Payments through PayPal
  • Credit Notes via Journals
  • Cheque Printing
  • Suggested Payments List
  • SPS & Sage Pay feeds
  • Gives customers choice of payment methods
  • Company-level payment terms


Accounts Payable / invoices

sage-live-tour-screenshot-ap-invoicesManage your accounts payable quickly and easily in one intuitive hub.

  • Pay vendor invoices
  • Seamlessly migrate invoices for existing customers
  • Amend invoices with Open Text
  • Withhold tax on invoices
  • Quickly process sales invoices
  • Product and Price List
  • Email PDF invoice
  • 'Pay Now' with SPS & SP
  • SF Quote/Order or Opp to Invoice
  • Generate PDF Invoice

Mobile - Anywhere access

Access your sales, finance, CRM and operational data in one cloud hub, whether sage-live-tour-screenshot-mobileyou’re at the office or on the move.

  • Apple Watch integration
  • Support for iOS Devices
  • Smart Capture
  • Transaction entry via journals
  • Chatter Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Invoicing and reporting
  • 3D Touch: Quick Actions, and Peek & Pop
  • iOS Multitasking Capabilities
  • Connect with your favourite mobile and web apps
  • Reliable cloud infrastructure (over 99.9%+ uptime).


Sage Business Cloud Financials is easy to personalise and customise; it’s sage-live-tour-screenshot-apisconnected with the Salesforce App Cloud and it integrates with thousands of mobile and web apps.

  • Real-time API data feeds
  • Integrated with Salesforce App Cloud
  • Journal API
  • Dimension API
  • Tax API
  • Shared API
  • REST APIs –Journal & Dimensions
  • Kimble integration

Contact Us

For further information on Sage Business Cloud Financials and and the benefits of its integration with Salesforce, please contact Simon Ormston on +44 7918 748 999 or Stuart Mills on +44 7920 235 565