After having worked over several years with multiple SME customers related to Hospitality, Event Management, E-Commerce, Supply chain, Healthcare, I realised there is the need for an SME to have cloud based solutions which:

  • provides access to the latest data at all times;
  • builds applications faster and avoid delays in roll outs;
  • optimises the cost which really matters most;
  • builds statistics with business and operational data which help in decision making.

To be relevant on continuous basis, it is important to extend this footprint into digital marketing, collaboration and solution compatibility with multiple devices. Most of the time, SME’s concentrate on the revenue side and they tend to focus the solution build around this. They also tend to pick and choose solutions from different vendors in order to meet their other identified business technology needs.  Eventually, this approach leads to multiple discrete sets of data, as they are distributed across multiple applications and platforms and therefore, systems tend to be difficult to integrate. Large enterprises, tend to invest more time and expertise in planning their approach to information management and allocate and earmark more realistic levels of budget and resources.

It is important for an SME to view the solution from a 360 degree perspective, building and integrating revenue, operations, marketing and sales functions, and accounting data.  With the latest cloud platforms like Salesforce, we can build multiple solutions relatively quickly and easily integrate the development with other platforms/applications. For SMEs, this has made life easier, as it is likely to be more straightforward, as it improves the operation, enables the collation of all data at single point, encourages collaboration and ensures that services stay connected, and can be accessed and used wherever the user is and whenever they want it.  This can result in improved decision making.

SMEs can achieve significant business benefits in the form of cost savings, and improved performance and this can translate into a source of competitive advantage, helping them to stay ahead of the competition.
Salesforce makes it easy to build and maintain solutions in a cost effective way and has built in support for desktop, mobile, tablets and wearable devices.  A few years ago, it was considered to be expensive for SMEs to have cloud solutions, as they were considered to be more suited to the larger enterprise, however, this technology is now highly adoptable by SMEs and it is cost effective.

Cloud platforms deliver agility, faster development life cycles, rapid deployment and Roll outs, which are critical in today’s fast moving, fast changing business environments.

It doesn’t matter whether or not, you have already invested in a cloud solution, or are thinking of starting to a build a new one, it is always good to get some quality advice to make sure you are on the right track.

At Apptituda, we’d love to help you.  Let’s get started.






About the Blogger

Sudhir Dakshinamurthy is a lead developer at Apptituda, a Product Development Partner (PDP) of Salesforce.