You have a great idea for a Salesforce app, which will help businesses improve their performance and equally importantly, make money.

The big question is: how to achieve this?

I know I need help.

The platform is an incredibly capable and robust platform on which Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can build mobile and enterprise apps which resolve many business problems. To achieve this, requires go-to-market planning and a good deal of technical skills, as well as an ability to navigate and get the best from the Salesforce organisation. The problem is, many ISVs do not have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience of Salesforce to successfully achieve this.

The Salesforce team will of course provide some support, but it is not set-up to deal with the varying needs and demands of high volumes of ISVs, all of whom need varying degrees of support from light touch to long-term hand holding.

The good news! Salesforce’s Product Development Partner program is designed to fill this gap.
Product Development Partners (PDPs) such as which is my businesses have been set up to help ISVs achieve their aim of developing and selling a mobile and/or enterprise app which sits on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Not everyone can become a PDP, as this is a status awarded by Salesforce to product development partners which meet specific stringent criteria, based on technical expertise, as well as on-going demonstration of capability. As a result there are very few PDPs in the UK. When you work with a PDP, you know you are dealing with a verified expert.

Having said this, whilst all PDPs have a level of technical proficiency, not all are the same. for example, has not just technical strength and track record but uniquely has business planning and go-to-market capabilities. This means that that the often forgotten essential marketing and sales plans are put in place up-front and that any impacts for the technical solution are considered, prior to the technical build. As a result, is able to reduce development and total time to market by between 6 to 9 months and provided has coded the app, there is a guarantee that it will pass the stringent Salesforce Security Review. For you, the ISV, this means less effort invested in the process, less cost and most significantly, revenues which will flow much sooner.

At, we find that we frequently have to wrestle with and solve complex technical challenges not just in designing the most appropriate solution, but in navigating the intricacies of the various Salesforce development environments and of course the challenges of the security review. Our capabilities in Go-to Market are also essential to many of our customers, as there is the temptation for them to neglect the less obvious business related aspects, as it is so easy for them to get bound up in the excitement and technical elements of their idea.

Before you embark on an app development project it is worth asking yourself a number of questions which will help you to decide what degree of help you will need from or other PDP. Your questions should include:

  • Do I have a robust business and go to market plan?
  • What Use Cases am I attempting to solve?
  • What experience do I want the user to have?
  • What is my Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
  • Is there any integration with other apps required?
  • What technical skills are required?
  • What type and level of experience do I have and is it sufficient?
  • What type and level of resource is required?

If you have an idea or a need for a mobile and/or enterprise Salesforce app, the team at will be delighted to listen to your plans and to assess your go-to-market and technical requirements. We often initially meet our customers either face to face or on a call and the team will be very happy to talk with you to learn more about your requirements and to provide some initial advice on the most appropriate next steps.

To arrange an initial discussion, please contact me:

Simon Ormston, Marketing and Sales Director, apptituda

Mobile: 07918 748 999

Skype: simon.ormston

I wish you well with your Salesforce app ideas and look forward to speaking soon.

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