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Simplifying the process of ordering, storing, manufacturing and using inventory.

Advanced Order Management
  • Create new delivery addresses on the fly

  • Backorder handling

  • Specific inventory selection

  • Comprehensive pricing functionality (Tier pricing, Discounts by Brand, sub-brand & pricing group)

  • Take payments during order entry via Stripe

What we do


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Inventory Management

Stapp allows the user to specify stock and inventory items with a wide range of attributes and enables products management, maintenance, monitoring and movements

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Warehouse Management

With Stapp you can manage the locations of your items in multiple locations including warehouses, zones and bins. Movements to temporary and virtual environments


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Sales Orders

Customers can buy your products via Stapp Ordering internally and via e-commerce including features such as discounting, freebies, banded pricing and bulk buys. Low quantity stock can be put on back orders.

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Purchase Order Management

Stock can be procured efficiently from your providers and brought into your Stapp system with a stock intake process which can be scanner enabled. Stapp can also be enabled to be used as Multi-Currency or Multi-Company


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Lite Manufacturing

Stapp supports light manufacturing including the assembly or consuming of stock items to form products according to recipes and schedules.

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Salesforce Platform

Stapp runs standalone or with other applications on and off the Salesforce platform such as Accounting Seed, Sage BCA and Salesforce CRM, providing a fully secure, flexible and user privilege mobile cloud environment.PS Stapp is easy to use and easy to remember - it's short for Stock App 

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